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Attention GE Aviation Users!

Starting 12th Sep, All existing ISP users will need to use Switch User Functionality . There are no changes to ISP user login credentials. Purchase orders and Invoices will be visible under AVI2 user. Please follow instructions given here

Attention!!! Kindly Note the Changes in GE Supplier Home Page User Experience (Look/Feel) & Navigation. This change is effective from 20th Aug Friday 2021 4PM ET.

Please follow step by step details on navigation changes.

Aviation Tooling Suppliers
For external users there is a slight change in navigation for switch user functionality. After login, user will be landed to home page instead of switch user Page. Please refer the document @iSP Switch User Functionality.pptx which has step by step details on the navigation changes to be followed. For any issues or concerns, please contact [email protected]


Provides suppliers the ability to access information and enter business transactions in an online and secure environment. This secured collaborative environment provides order inquiry, order acknowledgement, invoicing, and payment information.

Enter Site

GEtServices is GE’s services procurement application enabling fully digitized collaboration with GE’s suppliers who provide temporary contingent labor and/or fixed price services, across a wide range of commodity areas. The needs-identification, request for proposal, supplier response, selection, ordering, invoicing and managing processes are online.

Ener Site

Oracle Sourcing is a tool that drives more and better sourcing through online collaboration and negotiation. Oracle Sourcing provides potential suppliers the ability to respond to RFI, RFQ, create and submit bids for online auctions.

Ener Site

GE Supplier Invoice Search allows suppliers access to their data related to invoices, purchase orders and payments utilizing a 3 point match without the need for user ids and passwords.

Ener Site